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Jérôme - barrique 1500

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Vigne et vins Carles

The quality of the 2015 vintage is undeniable!

It is with enthusiasm and certainty that the technical team of Carles Vineyards presents a "great vintage 2015". Despite the heat wave this summer, last spring weather and the storms at the end of August were favorable to the production of quality grapes. The harvest took...

salon Londres

Participation at the French Wines Discoveries in Prague

The Carles Vineyards ammounce their participation at the French Wines Discoveries Carles Vineyards will be present at the trade show French Wine Discoveries at Tobacco Dock in London on 13 January 2015. Organized by Wine 4 Trade, this fair enables French wine producers to introduce their...


Harvest under the sun sign

A promising 2014 vintage After a difficult year in 2013, due to the bad weather, having resulted in poor flowering, the 2014 vintage is very promising....